Car Wrap

Amazon Signs offers car wrap services and a wide range of graphic services to complete your project. Our staff of talented professionals can provide car wrap services and handle your projects from start to finish.

We work with screen, digital and web printing, offering you quotes for your car wrap or other application that best fits the job at hand. We have both large and small format presses and can handle jobs with a variety of car wrap components.

Because we work with retailers, manufactures, and organizations all with the same time pressures and deadlines, we understand the many stresses you face with your car wrap print job. We seek to eliminate the usual worry associated with printing and handle all aspects of the job, from design and printing, to making sure your car wrap project reaches your stores or warehouses on time.

About Car Wrap

An innovative method of advertising a business by creating a moving billboard on a vehicle, car wraps provide companies with a method of advertising on cars in three-dimensional form, providing an extremely effective CPM rate and creates a high retention rate among those who see the vehicle. Car wrap advertising allows a vehicle to serve as low-cost mobile billboards seen everywhere a vehicle typically goes, including open road, parking lots, malls, restaurants, shopping centers, schools, etc.

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