Vehicle Wrap

Designers are using new outdoor printing technologies to enhance billboard and vehicle wrap displays. Traditionally, printing technologies have limited the range of color and shading that outdoor advertising can employ. However, 3M's Scotchguard substrate, for one example, allows designers to vehicle wrap complex images around buses and other vehicles. For billboards, the use of digital technology has allowed designers to create complex advertising images. Beyond complex compositional features, the new printing techniques can enhance resolutions and depth. Before designers employed digital equipment, such details often were handpainted onto billboards. The process was time- consuming and expensive. Using digital technology, designers not only can speed the production of images, but alter those images according to market. Currently, dye-sublimation and acrylic-based printing processes are used to create banner and billboard advertising. Vutech, Nur, and RasterGraphics offer 16-foot presses for billboard image output.

About Vehicle Wrap Services

Utilizes semi-permanent graphics that can be removed without harm to the vehicle if desired. Costs for car wraps depend on the size of the vehicle and amount of graphics applied, but typically begin at $2-3K. Car wrap advertising creates advertising on cars, but also on trucks, fleet vehicles, buses, etc. Car wraps companies can also assist in finding drivers to drive around town with the car wraps on their vehicle in exchange for payment or a free vehicle.

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