Wall Mural Painting

Decoration of the wall either by painting on the surface, or on a canvas which is subsequently affixed in position, the latter being a method frequently used in modern times. In wall mural painting directly on the wall, various media have been used, principal among them being fresco, though tempera, encaustic and oil also have their examples. Mural painting is found in all periods of art, but mainly, as distinct from the domestic easel picture, in palaces, churches or the interiors of buildings of public use or significance.

Two main forms of wall mural painting that can be distinguished: that which emphasizes the flatness of the wall surface and is conceived in large areas of flat colour, as in ancient Egypt, Crete, or in the work of Puvis de Chavannes; and that which gives the illusion of imaginary perspective, breaking down the flatness of the wall, as in Pompeian wall-painting, Baroque painting or the Rococo style as represented by Tiepolo. In either case, however, a largeness of treatment with relation to the architecture has always been found necessary.

About Wall Mural Painting

Described as, pertaining to, or resembling a wall. It may be executed on or affixed to a wall: mural inscriptions.

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