Digital Large Format Printing

As a true industry leader we provide one of the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art Digital Printing Solutions. From digital large format printing to large format inkjet printing, our products are produced in vibrant full color delivering Photo-Realistic effects.

Please review the different options available for your digitally printed project.

Large Format Electrostatic and Dye-Sublimation Printing

Electrostatic printing delivers cost effective, high-quality printing ideal for decals, posters, banners and signage.

Printed at 400 dpi the images are sharp, clear and photo-realistic. The inks are formulated for outdoor durability.

Fast turn around Sharp detail/photo realistic
Cost effective short run printing Weather durable
Up to 400 dpi Over laminates available
Most digital files accepted Finished products up to 54" wide
High-quality proofs
Materials include:
Vinyl, decal, paper, satin, canvas, polyester, and more.

Large Format Inkjet Printing
Large format inkjet printing at 600 dpi is ideal for high-quality Photo-like printing on several materials without having to pay for a photograph.

Great for posters, store POP displays, decals, banners and signage.

Fast turn around High-quality, vibrant colors
Affordable short-run printing Many substrates available
Prints at 600 dpi Over laminates available
Most digital files accepted Prints seamless up to 72 inches
High-quality proofs

Panels can be tiled and seamed together to create gigantic murals or banners.

Materials include:
Vinyl, backlit, decal, paper, canvas, and more.

Super Wide Grand Format Printing
This advanced form of digital large format printing is designed to print directly on vinyl, cloth, mesh, decal, backlit, at a resolution of 360 dpi and up to 16 feet 4 inches wide.

From point-of-sale banners to mammoth highway billboards the images are sharp and clear at any viewing distance.

The inks used are formulated for outdoor durability, with an optional clear-coat application available for added durability.

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