Send Artwork

Our Art Department can is capable of accepting most any digital art file. You will find layout and scanning requirements that will help us bring you the best looking final product as fast as possible. If at any time you have regarding the preparation of your files, you can contact your account representative.

Disk Media
We can accept the following media, in both DOS and Mac OS formats:

Zip Disks (100mb & 250mb) 3.5 Floppy (720k & 1.44mb)
Jazz Disks (1gb & 2gb) CD-Rom (650mb)

If you require your artwork scanned, it must be provided as camera-ready, line art, photographs, transparencies, or negatives. You will not get satisfactory results from scanned letterhead, inkjet or offset prints.

Take into consideration that scans need to be cleaned up and color corrected, therefore normal turn around time does not apply.

Below are the main applications supported by Amazon Signs. Please contact your account representative if you are unable to supply any of the listed formats.

Adobe Illustrator (up to ver 9.0) Corel Draw (up to ver 9.0)
Adobe Photoshop (up to ver 6) Any application that exports EPS.

Files may be submitted to us via the Internet. Below is a link to our artwork submission page, where you can upload files directly to us.

If you have any problems using the link below you may email files under 3mb to: (include your company name is the subject line)

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